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Performance, life, life is a performance, nothing is real, this is a performance, life as performance, performance is life. Photography, the image, visual economy. Btw this is not a poem. Remember? This is a performance, I am an artist. What is real? Public space? Private space, access, public profile, close friends, Instagram. Omg INSTAGRAM. Twitter? Text, language, social interaction, social media. Woww SOCIAL ME-DI-A. Behavioural codes, intimacy, vulnerability, crying, ughhh CRYING. Safe space, space,           , digital space, physical space, offline, online, online self, self imagery, selfies. Repetition, the screen, the real, the fake, mirroring, the original, mirroring the original, the copy, mimicking, the copy mimicking. The self, the other, the other self. Looking, looked at, seeing, being seen, observing, observed, observing the observer, viewing the viewer. Did you just take a screenshot? Sha, just don’t forget to subscribe...and like and follow and tag me! Surveillance, the gaze, voyeurism, s-e-x...that spells sex, control, power. The mutha fuckin’ glitch! Okay that’s not how I type, *the mother fucking gliiiiiitch

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